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Eternal nature, Amami trip

We can help you

Please ask about your travel plan in Amami

We can arrange the tour depending on your priority.

Our staff have their own major in each field to meet your various needs.

We are trying to do our best to make your travel more comfortable and more enjoyable.

ホーム: 概要

Limited edition plan

The eternal nature of Amami is right there



Staying at

Closed school  

Traditional Art experience

with Amami nature

Dyeing Accessories


and Nature experience tour

in Amami

ホーム: おすすめツアー

Various optional experiences

Service contents

Experience of dyeing 

with nature of Amami

Dyed in colorful with nature colors

Making accessories with nature of Amami

Green turban shell and Seagrass

Mangrove canoe


​Amami nature stoll

Experience the nature of a tropical island



Black Rabbit Guide at Night time

ホーム: 旅行サービス
ホーム: Instagram

Harvest experience

Let's eat fresh  vegetables

Feeding and picking up

the newly laid egg

Eat newly laid egg!

butchery of chicken

Experience the nature of a tropical island

Sea fishing



Sekko Setouchi-chou

Oshimagun Kagoshima-Ken


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ホーム: お問い合わせ
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